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Jamaica Plain's Real Estate Team, Hannon Homes is a team within Prudential Unlimited Realty, located at 673 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain. Mary and David Hannon comprise the team

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mary Hannon
 Realtor, Green, Accredited Buyer Representative
Story-TellerDream MakerChapter Starter
Leader of The Hannon Homes Team, Prudential Unlimited Realty
Brookline & Jamaica Plain
www.HannonHomes.com  mary@maryhannon.com 

Everyone Has A Story... You are in the middle of yours  which way do you Turn? where does your new chapter begin? Home is a place we make most of our stories happen... Happy Beginnings carried to Happy Endings. Mary Hannon, an experienced Realtor who can help you find your way through your story and to your happy ending. Cheer her on in the final Slam (April 26, Copley Library) 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making the Move Easy on the Kids

Moving from one house to another is seldom easy or fun for adults and it can be especially troubling for children.  If parents deal with their children’s concerns and needs thoughtfully, much of that distress and discomfort can be avoided.

Children see moves differently than their parent’s do, and they benefit much less from the change in their comfortable routines, or so it seems at the time.  Most often, a change in houses or communities heralds an important step forward for the adult members of the family.   The family moves because a parent has a great new job or a promotion in reward for years of hard work.  They move because financial success has allowed the purchase of a bigger or nicer house.  They move because they can afford more space.

In 2000 mobile and hard striving people typically live in a house for about four years and then move on as their careers or fortunes allow.  That short time span is only a small percentage of the life-to-date for a 30 or 40 year old, but the same four years is a half the life-time of an 8 year old, and it includes almost all the years he or she can remember.  To a parent, this house may be only the place they have lived recently.  They think of it as a weigh station on the road of life.  To kids, however, it may be the only home they have ever really known.  This is their house, the place they feel safe and comfortable and thoroughly at home with.  A house is much more than a roof and walls to a child.  It is the center of his or her world.  A move threatens to take that sphere away and leave something totally strange in its place.  The familiar friends, schools, shops and theaters, the streets, tress and parks – all will no longer exist for them.  Everything soon will be strange, and they will live in someone else’s world.

The impact of a move on a typical child starts about the time he or she first hears that Mommy or Daddy has accepted a promotion, and often continues for about a year, until the new house becomes home and memories of the previous place fade.  It’s not usually necessary to announce this big change to children immediately, although they must hear about it from you before someone else breaks the news.  Most teenagers see themselves as adult members of the family, and will probably feel they have been left out if they don’t hear everything from the first day.  But it is probably not a good idea to tell toddlers and preschoolers until they have to know.  There is no point in making them worry far in advance.  Be sure to announce the move in a totally positive way.  You might say how proud you are that your company has chosen you out of many other employees to manage a new office in Cleveland.  Talk about what a beautiful city Cleveland is how good the schools are and how nice the people are.  Tell truthful but very positive stories about how nice the new house will be.  Ask them what the favorite things are in their lives now, and then try to make them happen in the new home.  If the new home is too far away to allow a visit by the entire family after it has been selected, show the children pictures of it from every angle.  Videotape it, if you can.  Emphasize the positive views and be sure to include pictures of each child’s new room.  Try to name the house with some romantic description like   “oak hill” for the big trees and the sloping lawn 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marketing and Selling

Marketing and Selling

Before we are on the Market:

  • Stage and have professional photos taken
  • Prepare brochure for brochure box and postcard for mailing
  • Prepare large poster for window
  • Enter in the Boston Homes Magazine (LINK) for open house
  • Enter into LINK (the MLS for downtown brokers) Deadline
  • Enter information for the MLS Multiple Listing Service w/as many photos as possible, announcing first open house date as first showing (by Thursday) Realtor.com
  • List the open house information in the MLS by Friday for the Sunday open house to pop up on Boston.com (we have enhanced presence – photos,etc)
  • Invite all the local agents to Broker’s preview luncheon, place information in MLS for all brokers to see event. (Typically Thursday 12-1:30)
  • Enter information/ photos on the www.homes.com (www.maryhannon.com )
  • www.prudentialunlimited.com (by Friday w/ open house information)
  • MLS will feed to Zillow, Trulia, redfin, etc.
  • Enter information by Wednesday 10am for the open house listing in the Globe on Friday
  • Advertise Friday on Craigslist for open houses
  • Order sign for yard , rider with cell phone and my website (brochure box)
  • email to the agents in market (reverse prospecting) inviting them to send their clients to the open house
  • Help You gather all the condo docs & budget for the potential buyer

Budget must have 10% on top of operating expenses in reserves

On the Market:

  • Hold first open house on Both Saturday and Sunday from 12-2pm
  • Follow up with those who signed in and the agents that sent clients
  • Continue to work on any leads
  • Manage showings
  • Handle any “objections” and interview for honest feedback
  • Check in with you and give you recommendations on any changes to encourage further activity and interest (2 week review)
  • Continue showing and marketing

Once offers come in:

  • Review and work with you on a good response to encourage highest possible price and best terms for you
  • Negotiate
  • Attend home inspection
  • Help manage any issues that may come up and negotiate
  • Coordinate the signing of the purchase and sale
  • Make sure the buyer’s lender gets a copy to expedite mortgage commitment
  • Meet appraiser at property
  • Keep an eye on the bank’s commitment to close the loan
  • Order 6d certificate from Trustees
  • Help make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in the correct place and functioning
  • Order and manage the smoke inspection
  • Coordinate the buyer’s walk-thru of the property
  • Make sure the closing Attorney has the smoke certificate and final water reading as well as anything else that they need to go on record and close.
  • Follow up with you after the closing

Mary Hannon


617.293.8002 (text or call)


Prudential Unlimited Realty

673 Centre Street/ Boston/ MA/ 02130

What I do for Buyer Clients

What I do for My Buyer Clients

I am an Accredited Buyer Representative with the National Association of Realtors. I’ve been educated and trained and work by a code of ethics that has the buyer’s best interest in mind. I am interested in having you as clients for life and my number one goal is help you accomplish your goals.

Finding Your Home:

1. Initial consultation to understand your needs, wants and goals

2. Educate you on the buying process (review documents and timeline)

3. Share my market knowledge

4. Provide electronic access to everything on the market in the Multiple Listing Service via daily emails with status updates

5. Representation for any and all properties, including for sale by owners

6. Share my extensive network of professionals, including: lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors

7. Schedule and accompany you to properties you wish to view

8. Provide open house schedules that you may want to visit (please notify open house agent that you have a buyer’s agent)


Ready To Make An Offer:

1. Provide objective feedback for resale & return investment

2. Research permits, tax records, liens and sale history

3. If you are looking at a condominium, research association’s history of condo fees/special assessments/ownership numbers (may need to put that in the offer)

4. Provide an objective analysis of value based on sold properties similar to the property you are interested in.

5. Discuss and write the offer to purchase with you.

6. Negotiate the offer in your best interest.

Under Agreement & Preparing for Home Ownership:

1. C0ordinate and accompany you on the home inspection.

2. Negotiate any issues that arise from home inspection.

3. Coordinate and meet with you for the signing of the purchase and sale (P & S)

4. Protect you by monitoring contingencies and deadlines.

5. Coordinate and accompany you through the final walk through and prepare you for the closing.

Home Ownership & More:

1. Call and check in to see if you have everything you need.

2. Consult with you anytime on anything (neighborhood, community services, home improvements, re-financing, etc.)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Open Houses This Weekend before the Game

Jamaica Plain:
44 Rockview Street #3 12-1pm

63 Chestnut Avenue #1 12-1pm

12 Pond Street #3 12-1pm

91 Bynner Street #8 1:30-2:30


80 Aldrich #2, is By Appointment and easy to show!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fabulous New Service for Our Customers

Curious about the property behind the sign? Wonder, "how much is it?" "What is it?" We have a new tool for you. I can get the information right to your smart phone in a second. Text the word, "Home" to a specific number (text me to register- 6172938002) and I'll add your number to the acceptable list... this will insure that your information is not shared with other realtors. I'll be your connection and you won't have to worry about being hassled by some strange real estate agent. I am required to call you when you get the information, my phone is notified as well. Don't worry you won't get on some call list. I promise. But you will get all the information right to your phone on the property... It works with GPS and the MLS. For more information. contact me. But register with me before you text the word to any number you see on a rider sign or you'll be assigned some crazy agent who is marketing the property.. I'll take care of you. No hassles just great service!